Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Luxury & Timeless

Available in  every colour possible. Roller blinds fit in all types of windows

Patterned Fabric

Following the latest trends in interior design big & bold patterns as well as subtle textures and designs.
Make a statement in your room.  Use the blinds as the feature piece of you room


Luxurious soft fabrics come together to filter the light in to your room. Perfect timeless finish to match your interior

Blackout Blinds

Most commonly used for  room darkening. Provides 90% Blackout to your room. Ideal for bedrooms.
Available in plain & Patterns

Easi-Wipe Fabrics

Waterproof & wipe clean
Long lasting & Blackout
Used mainly in bathrooms and kitchens but can be used in any room.
Used a lot in the commercial world

Made in our Preston Factory using the latest blind making technology

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