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Shutters are a great way to control the light. With various slats widths made to suit each window they can let they light flood in or block it out with a tilt of a slat. Acting as a barrier to the outside world. Blocking noise levels and helping with insulation.

Bay Window Shutters
Shutters for bay windows. Effortlessly fitted in or around your bay window. Taking away the need for heavy curtains shutters will open up the area around the windows allowing more light & space.  They are also a fantastic natural insulator to be fitted to these areas New Paragraph
Wood Shutters
Shutters are not just for windows they work great for patio windows or shaped windows also. Patio areas provide rooms with the most light controling and enhancing these areas are essential to the final design of a room.New Paragraph

Shutter are currently one of the fastest growing products in the UK.  They offer stylish versatile shading of your interiors.  We are a shutters specialist and can provide you with all styles & sizes of shutters required

Shutters are a stylish and versatile, they come in a range of colours and styles. Can be made to fit any window and fit in well with the most modern home and of course the more traditional they really do work in any situation. Available in various types of materials and a wide range of colours, they can even be painted in custom colours to match your decor. 
They can be used for windows doors conservatory's almost anywhere. 

Call a Shutter Specialist

What are they?
Panels that cover the whole window. This is our most popular option. Can have a divider rail so slats can be independently operated for the top and bottom.
Pros : Privacy, noise control and great insulation
Cons : None
Best for : Can fit to almost every window for a seamless look throughout a property. Ideal for french or patio doors and tall windows.
What are they?
Panels that only cover the bottom part of the window. Usually halfway or to meet the break in the windows
Pros : Lets more light in whilst keep privacy in the areas needed. Cheaper than full height shutters.
Cons : Not as efficient for stopping draughts and noise pollution. More of a decorative feature. 
Best for : Suit traditional window designs sash etc. Popular for privacy in urban areas.
What are they?
One shutter frame with two sets of panels attached that operate independently of each other.
Pros : Privacy, noise control and great insulation
Cons : Not suitable for all situations. Space needed around the shutters to operate. Can look too busy.
Best for : Bedroom, bathrooms and dinning areas
What are they?
Fitted on a sliding track system instead of the usual frames. They concertina back against each other.
Pros : Patio door and bi-folding door areas are best suited for this system.  Can be pull right back not obstructing the view.
Cons : Not suitable for windows with a sill.
Best for : Larger glass areas and sliding doors
What are they?
Complete wood panels that cover the window entirely.
Pros : Very insulating
Cons : Not the most flexible option and they are either open or closed. Can be quite dark. Not much light control.
Best for : Bedrooms and draughty properties
What are they?
Bespoke made panels to fit awkward shaped and unusual windows
Pros : Window dressing with out losing the shape. Custom built to enhance the architecture.
Cons : Can be a more expensive option.
Best for : Shaped windows.
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